Career Assessment and Planning for Young Adults


  1. Build self confidence through personal assessment and self awareness.
  2. Identify suitable career opportunities that best utilize skills and abilities while providing maximum satisfaction and financial reward.
  3. Recommend training and education that will provide a competitive edge in the job market.
  4. Develop a realistic and focused plan of action to serve as a road map to successful employment and career development.
  5. Ensure follow-up support for taking action.

Program Plan:  Personal assessment through testing and skills analysis

Session 1: Family of origin.  Identify family and environmental influences on career genogram.  Include talents as well as occupational and educational patterns. Session 2: Inventory or personal assets.  Review personal work and educational history, as well as Holland Personality and work styles. Session 3: Motivators and interest categories.  Discuss Strong Vocational Interest Inventory and Jackson Vocational Interest Survey. Session 4: Inventory of personal assets continued. Review interest and skills. Career Interest and Skill Survey, Myers Briggs Type Indicator. Session 5: Career identification for “best fit” application.  Review Survey, information interviews, work trends, job outlook, education and training requirements. Session 6: Learning styles and job compatibility. Discussion of Myers-Briggs results and initial development of career action plan. Session 7: Review Myers Briggs Type Indicator Results. Continue job search. Session 8: Review 16 PF results. Begin developing career and educational plan of action. Session 9: Refine career and educational plan.

Program and Counseling Fees

PHASE I: PERSONAL ASSESSMENT & COUNSELING $2,000.00* (Includes cost of testing)

PHASE II: FOLLOW-UP COUNSELING & COACHING $175.00/hour * In two segments: $1,200.00 due first session, and $1,200.00 due fifth session