Jump Start Your Career Search

Caught in confusion, fear of the unknown, indecision, overwhelmed? These feelings are common during a transition. They also can prevent you from taking steps in moving forward in your career search. At this juncture reaching out for help from a qualified career counselor is your first step in jump starting your career search. Acknowledging your plight and reaching out for assistance is the first step in getting the support you need to move through the transition.

Your next step is research to find a qualified professional. You may be currently experiencing emotional loss due to divorce, unemployment, or lack of educational direction. In addition to learning coping skills, a qualified career counselor provides an array of tools, new perspectives, and objective career assessments for targeting careers and education that fit you at this time in your life.

When researching for a career counselor please note the difference between career coaches and career counselors. Career coaches offer guidance and direction but lack advanced counseling degrees and credentials for supporting you emotionally through a challenging time.
The following questions will help you to identify a qualified career counselor:

  1. What is the career counselor’s education, experience, and expertise?
  2. Does the counselor offer an in-depth assessment of your strengths and vulnerabilities, interests, values, skills, and personality traits?
  3. Does the counselor offer objective career inventories to identify careers and education that fit you?
  4. How knowledgeable is the counselor about the job market in your location?
  5. How knowledgeable are they about educational and training programs that lead to real jobs?
  6. Does the career counselor guide you in developing a concrete plan of action?
  7. Does the career counselor offer a brief informational interview to meet with you personally so you can if they are a good fit for you?
    Your valuable research will connect you to an experienced career counselor for jump starting your career search.

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