Power up Cover Letters Part 2 , Jan Reha, Career Counselor, Seattle w/ Linne Pullar

(Jan Reha) Hi, this is Jan Reha with Career Discovery. In my last segment, I have been interviewing Linne Pullar, one of my former clients, and her career journey. In this segment, I would like to discuss more your new Power Up your Cover Letters Book, and how you happen to decide on this as your first topic. So tell us a little, how come you chose cover letters. One of the things that I realize, being a career counselor is people are always wanting to know how to do cover letters and they usually think it has to do with getting jobs, but you want to broaden this to other segments, other populations, tell us about that.

(Linne Pullar) That’s right. Jan, cover letters are for more than just resumes. Therefore any almost anything you do in the business world. For example, an architect needs to send a specification to a client, you need a cover letter for that student applying for college needs a cover letter, most anything you do in life, if you’re sending something to somebody, you’re sending a product catalog, you need a cover letter that explains to the reader, what’s in this package.

(Jan Reha) Then I should imagine in business. You may need to often use cover letters for proposals, things of that nature.

(Linne Pullar) That’s right. As a matter of fact, when I was teaching a course on proposals is when it occurred to me that I needed to do a separate segment just on the cover letter itself. That was a last chapter, it was the last chapter in a class I was teaching, but feedback said we want to know more about formatting, how do we choose styles. What style do we use that brought me to creating the book power of your cover letters, so

(Jan Reha) I know that you have in mind that you just don’t want to have a template that’s boring because we have many of those now that your approach is to be more personalized, so why don’t you tell us a little bit about that.

(Linne Pullar) Well right now we have a plethora of cookie cutter templates that we can select from. The problem with that is you look just like everybody else. If you’re out there trying to promote yourself or set yourself apart from the others, then you want to have your own unique style your own look your, your own logo, etc. This book teaches you the tools to use some tips and tricks for how to make yourself your own style, your own look and feel.

(Linne Pullar) And I realized the coaching people in it the whole process of job search that you need to learn how to stand out, because you have so many people applying for these jobs so many resumes so many cover letters and the whole point is, how do I stand out from everyone else. Also we’re in such a technical society right now everything is so technical. So introducing the personal touch what I call the soft touch can help me to stand out from other people who are sending their materials. Right, well, not just resumes, but so you’re sending a proposal to a client, and five other companies are sending their proposals to a client, what makes you unique, your message makes you unique, but also your look, makes you unique.

(Jan Reha) And so I think we can spend more time in your next segment about what are the different topics that you cover in your book, and we can talk more in depth about that. So, this is Jan Rhea with Career Discovery interviewing Linne Pullar with fuller and fuller productions productions, Thank you. And we will continue our discussion in the next segment. Thank you.

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